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vyaparinet.com; changing the way Kerala shopsKerala business portal serving as a business directory of all businesses. Official site of Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi - the association of businessmen and industrialists of Kerala.http://www.vyaparinet.com

Romance of the Kerala backwatersA portal on Kerala houseboat with information's of backwatershttp://www.kettuvallom.com

CyberParkToday : KozhikodeCyberParkToday : Kozhikode Cyberpark and UL Park updateshttp://www.cyberparktoday.com

Kozhikod Discussion ForumKozhikode Discussion forumhttp://forum.cyberparktoday.com/

Visitor Kerala - Tourism PortalVisitor Kerala extends you a very cordial welcome to Kerala, a paradise-like land called God\'s own Country which holds all wonders of Nature such as rocky mountains, chilly rivers, streams, sandy beaches, hill stations and green valleys, just to amaze you.http://www.visitorkerala.com

Portal for RHCE certifications IT Certifications RHCE RHCSS RHCDS RHCA CCNA CCNP CCVP CCIE Kerala, INDIA Training in IT certifications like RHCE RHCSS RHCDS RHCA CCNA CCNP CCVP CCIE for international students in India. http://www.itcertificationindia.com

Facebook Page of ipsr solutionsFacebook Page of ipsr solutionshttp://www.facebook.ipsr.org

Ad Links IndiaLinks of advertisement siteshttp://www.adlinksindia.com

stjosephanchal.com It is a portal which gives links to various websites. http://www.stjosephanchal.com

Family lawyers Official websiteFAMILY LAWYERS is a firm of Advocates practicing at Family Court and other Courts in Kerala, India with associate's office at all districts of Kerala. www.familylawyers.in is it's official website.http://familylawyers.in