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Official website guruvayoor templeThe presiding deity in the Garbhagraha (central shrine) is Mahavishnu, worshipped according to the pooja routines laid down by Adi Sankaracharya and later written in to the Tantrasamuchaya by Chennas Narayanan Namboodiri (born in 1427).http://www.guruvayurdevaswom.org

Mahavishnu Kshetram at Thrikodithanam is one of the five ancient "Pancha-Pandava" temples in KeralaTHE Mahavishnu Kshetram at Thrikodithanam is one of the five ancient "Pancha-Pandava" temples in Kerala and is specially associated with Sahadeva, youngest of the five Pandava princeshttp://www.thrikodithanam.org

Sri Datta Anjaneya Kshethram There are a number of sacred rivers in our country and Periyar is one of the major rivers in Kerala. Periyar reaches Aluva, a town in Ernakulam district and gets divided into two near the Aluva siva temple and flows westwards .It is at Desom , the calm and naturally beautiful northern banks of the river where yagas were performed, Sri Datta Temple is situated. http://www.dattaanjaneya.org

Puthiyakavu Devi Temple, Ponkunnam, Kottayam, Kerala, IndiaPuthiyakavu Devi Temple, Ponkunnam, Kottayam, Kerala, Indiahttp://www.ponkunnamputhiyakavudevitemple.com/

Chakkulathu kaavu bhagavathi templeThis is the Official Website of Chakkulathu kaavu devi temple ,for more info- visit www.chakkulathukaavutemple.orghttp://www.chakkulathukavutemple.org

Dwaraka of south -guruvayur Sree Krishna temples in IndiaDwaraka of south - is one of the most famous Sree Krishna temples in India. The divine idol installed here shows Sree Krishna endowed with the four lustrous arms carrying the conch, the discus, the mace and the lotus.http://www.guruvayur.freeservers.com

Aiyappa temple of SabarimalaThe hill shrine of Sabarimala and its deity Lord Ayyappan is matchless in Hindu religion and peculiar to the Kerala State in South India. This forest abode of Lord Ayyappan is in the Western Ghats of Indiahttp://www.ayyappan-ldc.com

Temples of ValluvanadThe Shiva Temple in Kottakkal, the town made famous by its tradition of Ayurveda, has a wealth of murals that are relatively unknown to the outside world, but worth seeing.http://valluvanad.bravepages.com

temple rituals of keralaThe supreme authority for all religious matters (i.e., "Vaidika-Thaanthrika Chatangukal") in each temple is vested with its designated "Thanthrihttp://www.namboothiri.com/articles/temples-rituals.htm

templesponkunnamputhiyakavudevitemple is one of the most temples in keralahttp://ponkunnamputhiyakavudevitemple.com/